:D For our new Paulistas...

SmileyRose (1000+ posts) Mon May-30-11 11:28 PM
Original message poor little teabagger.

Some twit with her little "Rand Paul" sticker on her Lexus SUV. I'm on the other side of the pump with my beater trying to make sure I catch the pump by $10 because that's all I have. Next thing I know the woman wants to tell me how bad she has it that the Lexus MUST have premium gas and it's costing her a fortune.

She was what I call "high maintenance". Store bought hair, nails, face, boobs etc. Nothing wrong with it if you've got the money to buy but seriously, why not buy a clue.

I told her I hope things get better for her.

And this one (assuming the story is even real) is pure jealously... :D