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    A Palin convert (must-read)
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    A Palin convert
    by trenttsd
    Thu Sep 04, 2008 at 08:33:22 AM PDT
    Last night, Sarah Palin made a convert out of me.


    That brings us to last night. Until last night, I was slightly leaning towards Obama, but I hadn't firmly decided who I was voting for. I held out hope that during the Convention, I could get a real grasp on where the Republican Party was.

    Last night, Sarah Palin gave a speech that was in theory meant to get people like me excited about the Republican ticket. This was one that should have gotten me back on board and excited about the McCain/Palin platform.

    Instead, it sickened me in a very deep and personal way.

    I could go through some of the quotes that made my stomach turn, but many others have already done a great analysis of the speech.

    All I heard was a long stream of extremely bitter attacks against Barack Obama, none of which go even the slightest step towards solving the problems of this country. When I tuned in, Rudy Giuliani was firing off some attacks, but I expected that - every convention has some room for criticism of the opposition.


    This morning, I donated $250 to Barack Obama's campaign. Tomorrow, I'm stopping by the voter registration office to change my party affiliation to Democrat. Saturday, I hope to plant an Obama-Biden sign in my front yard.

    This lack of respect for your political opponents, this denial of basic human rights to those who oppose us, this complete emptiness of policy - it ends. Right here, right now.
    I think DUmmies are the only ones who beleive what they read at DK.
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    "This lack of respect for your political opponents... it ends. Right here, right now."
    Cool! Does that mean that you lefty vipers will stop making vicious, deceitful, hateful personal attacks against Sarah Palin and her family?
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