Paula Sims (309 posts) Sat Jun-04-11 02:40 PM
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Rethug gets mad at me when I suggest we stop Medicare -- NOW

I was at a local county fair when we passed the Rethug booth. I wanted to pass but they **insisted** that I take their "survey" (typical leading questions). Then when asked about what to do about the deficit, I said I agree with Ryan's plan that we should go to a voucher program (effectively shutting down Medicare) but instead of doing later, we should do it NOW -- like July 1, 2011. One of the rethugs stood up and was almost going to hit me (I was waiting for it) when he was "talked down" and said he was paying for Medicare for YEARS and it's HIS and HE deserves it. When I asked why not go to the "voucher plan" now, he said it wouldn't cover it. So I asked why should we do it for anyone he said that "we should start somewhere". I told him that even Jesus himself noted that we should be the change we seek (yea, I know it was Ghandi but he was too stooopid to know) and he didn't like that.

Hmm, so when it effects THEM, oh no, keep your government hands off my Medicare. Oh yea, he was a vet too (or claimed to be -- I caught him & his friends in so many lies that I called them on) that he can thank the government for his vet benefits.

Another liberal "talking point' that is just plain disingenuous. Just because someone accepts what they have been promised and paid into they figure that they are a "hypocrite" when they want to leave it as is for those who are near retirement and phase it in.

And par for course he/she figures all Republicans are committed Christians and know the bible. Talk about broad brush stereotypes.