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  1. #1 Sarah Palin is the perfect candidate for Republicans. 
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    Sarah Palin is the perfect candidate for Republicans.

    She is attractive and dumb as a rock. But most of all, she knows nothing about governing. She would need to be told what is best for the country. And the Republicans have oodles of "advisers" willing to advise her on the best direction for the country, just like they were with Reagan and Bush, Jr. All she needs to do is follow orders. But that coud create a small problem for them. Will Sarah follow orders? She has the right tone about freedom, liberty, free enterprise, strong defense, etc and all she will have to do is what they tell her to do. Then she would be the perfect candidate. The last thing they want is an intelligent, independent thinker. They might actually do something that is in the interests of the people.
    LOL. LOL. All he has to do is put in "Obama" instead of Palin and it would be accurate. Guess he has to do it this way because if he wrote the truth DU would have a fit and liberals would hunt him down, get him fired (if he has a job), and pester him mercilessly. But saying Palin on DU gets him a pass.

    Add: I usually don't post Kentuk's stuff because he simply goes for the theatrical, overblown, over emotional rhetoric; never anything thoughtful, and he never has proof from sources about what he claims, but this is an exception.
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