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I doubt that the person writing this is a white woman, as she claims, but enjoy.:D

I can almost bet you that it's a racist black woman. I used to lurk on enough black forums to pick up the phraseology. They always categorise white women into two types-kept Stepford Wives, or white trash. (White career women are only there to get a man and backstab black women).

Also, they love to comfort themselves with the "imminent" decline of whites as a majority. I used to remind them sometimes that blacks are still only 12-13% of the US population, and Hispanics are (if they haven't already, I think I've read it somewhere) overtaking them as the largest minority. But whites are still by far the majority. But nevermind the facts, when gloating over myths makes you feel so much better.

They would either ignore the facts or call them lies. And they wonder why they don't get anywhere playing the identity politics game.