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  1. #1 " Rush's Advice to Dems: Abandon Obama " 
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    RUSH: You know, Austan Goolsbee's out. He's quitting. He's gonna go back and teach, which is exciting. Here's a guy that's the fifth economic advisor to quit the Obama team. The only one of the originals left is Geithner. And so Goolsbee's going back to teach which is not encouraging.

    Here's a total screw up who has no clue what he's doing. He's gonna go back to the halls of academe and corrupt and pollute the minds, the young skulls full of mush, the youths of America. I've been looking at what Carville had to say. Carville is predicting potential riots next summer if the unemployment situation doesn't change, making it clear that these are not good times for Obama.

    As I say, I will develop this later on as the program unfolds before your very eyes and ears today, but at some point you Democrats are gonna have to make a decision. Do you stick with Obama or do you jump ship? Do you stick with Obama or do you do a Goolsbee and get out of there?

    Ask yourself this. Do you stick with Jimmy Carter or do you get out and protect yourself? The time's coming where it's going to be too late. The time is approaching for you Democrats, it's going to be too late or he is going to drag all of you down just as he did so many members of the House in the last election.

    That November 2010 election, a shellacking from the top of the ballot to the bottom of the ballot, and by that I mean down to state and local elections. I know that Democrats and socialists and liberals, you're loyal and all of this. But you have to have something to run. You have to have something to have power over. You have to have something that's worthwhile.

    And your careers are hanging in the balance. You Democrats, if you continue to have your careers tied to President Obama, you're not gonna have a career. You know, the ragin' Cajun Carville has given us about 10% of what he really thinks. If he's saying what he's saying, there's 90% that he's thinking that he's not saying yet. He's worried. He's been there. "It's the economy, stupid," was his phrase. That can come back and you could throw it right back at these guys now.
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    A lot of democrats have already given up on him, although its simply because they don't think he is left wing enough.
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