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  1. #1 How Delta supports the troops…by nickle-and-diming them on bag fees 
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    A unit of U.S. Army soldiers returning from a deployment in Afghanistan said Delta Air Lines charged them as much as $2,800 in luggage fees on a flight from Baltimore to Atlanta.

    While on board Delta Air Lines flight 1625 Tuesday morning, a pair of soldiers from the unit, Staff Sergeants Fred Hilliker and Robert O’Hair shot a video (embedded below) complaining about baggage charges. In the video, the soldiers contend that they were permitted by their orders to check as many as four bags, free of charge, on their return trip from Afghanistan.

    When the soldiers arrived at the airport in Baltimore, a Delta representative told them that they were only authorized to check three bags for free. “We found out we had too many bags,” O’Hair said.

    But it turns out, the soldiers may have been misinformed about the contract between Delta and the United States government as it relates to traveling active duty military personnel.

    Active military personnel flying in coach on travel orders are only allowed to check three bags free of charge. Active military traveling in first or business class may check up to four bags for free, Delta said on its website.
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    They did that to me on a trip I did for training for my last deployment. The AF refused to cover the expense, said I had to get the money back from Delta. That never happened.

    The differance for me was they told me I was only allowed one carry on. I still had to pay for my 1 checked bag.
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