Toy Bus Given Parking Ticket

A hairdresser has appealed a £50 parking fine after a traffic warden gave his children-size toy bus a ticket.

Giovanni Cortessiís 3ft-tall classic toy vehicle had been parked on the side of London Road in Brighton, for over a month when it was slapped with the ticket.

Mr Cortessi had initially put the miniature double decker bus on display outside Giovanniís salon to cheer up customers and advertise his hairdressing services.

On 3 June Mr Cortessi noticed a parking attendant hanging around the bus who proceeded to call the head office to inquire whether to issue the bus a ticket.

Speaking with Yahoo! News today, Mr Cortessi explained that the bus had never received a ticket before.

He said: ďI saw the traffic warden talking to the head office over the radio about whether to give my bus a ticket, and the guy on the other end said yes to give me oneĒ