SoDesuKa (1000+ posts) Mon Jun-13-11 10:28 PM
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It's Over. Weiner Has Survived.
This Weiner thing has been kicking around long enough that there aren't any more undecideds on the issue. The ones who've called for his resignation haven't closed the sale, and barring any more revelations, it doesn't look like they're going to. It was only a matter of time before the number of potential buyers would dwindle to the point where there'd be no sale. That point has been reached. There's nobody left to convince.

The discussion now moves to academic considerations of why the people who wanted Weiner out couldn't close the sale. I think they just didn't make their case that he was too reckless to continue. He simply made a mistake, that's all. Overturning the will of the voters needs an unambiguous rationale, and Weiner's opponents haven't got a strong enough case.

The Weiner matter is already starting to fade, and I give the guy credit for hanging tough. Bravo, Anthony. We need guys who don't back down.

[b]Weiner Opponents Fail
Imajika (1000+ posts) Thu Jun-16-11 09:31 AM
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78. LOL, pretty bad call there chief...
"It's Over. Weiner Has Survived."

Wrong in spectacular fashion.
Maru Kitteh (1000+ posts) Thu Jun-16-11 09:41 AM
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82. Confusing wishful thinking for reality has been a big part of this whole debacle.
Starting with sending pictures of one's genitalia to anonymous people over the internet and expecting it to remain "private."
lynne (1000+ posts) Thu Jun-16-11 09:39 AM
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80. Appears this thread was premature . . . eom
Nye Bevan (1000+ posts) Thu Jun-16-11 09:49 AM
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