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Again, i point out that you are a fucking idiot, and that people have to fly because of a little thing called distance.

I repeat the question: how does a man who has to get from the US to Europe get there?


How does a woman who is in Cleveland get to Washington in a day?

Without air transport, the US grinds to a halt. Have you always been this thick?

...and no one is capable of getting around that little ribbon? If a hacker can reverse engineer the most sophisticated computer system and hack into US military databases, then a simple ribbon is child's play.
Again - it works in Israel and none of their citizens seem to mind, and when they want to fly (again, flying is not mandatory - you can take another venue or just not go. Your life's not going to end on any account.) they go through the security process. Nice dodge, BTW, regarding my question as to when they had their last highjacking. And finally, yes - any security system can be gotten around. None is perfect - but as can be seen in this week's Air Force firings - most security problems are perpetuated by human factors - not the systems therein.