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I flew to Isreal form JFK on ELAL, which used to be Israel's national airline until it was privatized. When you see their security, it becomes obvious why this contract was signed.

When you stand in line during check in, they have trained employees who look for signs of nervousness. If they are suspicious, they will question you on line before you even get to the checkout gate. If you answer any questions wrong, even a small detail, or tell them something else that they don't like, you will either be refused entry to the plane right there, or be taken to a side room for a full interrogation, maybe even a strip search. And even after that, you might be refused entry to the plane.

They have their own security separate from the airport's. They scan your full body and luggage. The luggage that passed the scanner is then taken to a side room and searched throughly. Sometimes, when I landed, the inside of my luggage was arranged differently then when I packed it.

All of the stewards and stewardesses on the plane have prior military experience, and they have undercover people on board who are packing heat and not afraid to use it.

They also racially profile Arabs. Many arabs don't make it past security. Some do.

For those that are concerned about the constitution, they do this here, in America. If you don't believe me, fly to Israel on ELAL.

I haven't been on a plane since 1984-I prefer driving places, whenever possible, and seeing the landscape and eating at local restaurants as I travel. If I ever go to Europe or west of the Rockies, I'll fly.

But reading all I have about post 9-11 airport security, I'd rather see something like this, that is comprehensive, than the whole "no hair gel or hand lotion" stupidity thing they've got going now.