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  1. #1 What's Your Grown Up Stereotype? 
    You Are The Introvert

    You are a thoughtful person who could also be described as downright intellectual. You enjoy spending time by yourself, and this leads to a lot of thinking.

    You tend to have a few close friends instead of lots of acquaintances. Your bonds with your friends are strong.
    While you may not be outgoing, you are a great conversationalist. You have many interests and as a result, many things to talk about.
    What's Your Grown Up Stereotype?

    Stop the presses! I may have to lie down here for a couple of minutes.

    BTW, I have both close friends and dozens of acquaintances (that I wouldn't lend bail money to).
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    Dang. I'm an Introvert too. Who knew? :D
    Hey careful man! There's a beverage here!
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    You Are The Adventurer

    You never want you're life to be too boring or ordinary. You're always shaking things up. You love to travel and see the world. You're interested in doing anything new and exciting. You are driven by a curiosity to know all about the world. You want to immerse yourself in a completely new culture. You resist anything bland or ordinary. If you can't add a little zing to something, you're not interested.
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