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Yeah, shame really, I mean after the lies he told when he first got here, turns out he's just a liberal troll.

That, or else LSD is back in style these days.
The fact that Conservatives:
-Want to gut or Get rid of every regulatory agency, even including the FDA
-Want to relax regulations to the point of non-existence.
-Want to gut or Get rid of every social safety net
-Want to get rid of public education in every form
-Are almost entirely against gay rights
-Feel that this is a "Christian nation", and not simply in terms of demographics
-Feel that nearly every one who disagrees with them is a Socialist or Communist
-Believe Liberals are allied with Jihadist Muslims
-Believe the sitting President, along with almost every President of the 20th century, seeks and sought to harm America intentionally.

Amongst other things, has opened my eyes.