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GW Bush on ESPN College World Series and I go ballistic

Was anyone else watching the College World Series opening game? UNC v Vanderbilt?

We live in Chapel Hill and enjoy the baseball. We've been to some games. We turn
on ESPN this afternoon and there is this f&*king war criminal--George Bush--in the
booth with the commentators! My BP must have gone up 40 points. I went ballistic!
Got on ESPN's website and sent a complaint that they need to stick to sports commentators
and not allow this a$$hole who is responsible for an illegal, immoral war, bankrupting
the country, to be on TV when he should be in prison!

Seriously. This country is in so much trouble. We've been trying to sell our little house
that we bought/remodeled after the fire that burned our house down. We've reduced the price
$100K--yes, $100,000. and we've had not one offer. The country is going down the tubes
and what do we get on a baseball game on Saturday afternoon? That f*$king pretender.
And heads explode. LOL