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Fri Sep-05-08 11:55 AM
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My 11-year-old is becoming quite the radical

Last night my family watched the McSame charade on TV, and then of course they showed the protesters being hustled out of the convention hall. My 11-year-old daughter was curious as to who they were.

I didn't coach her in any way, nor did I show any reaction. I just said plainly, "Oh, they're from Code Pink."
"What's Code Pink, daddy?"
"They're a group of women protesting the Iraq war."
"Oh, I want to join that group!" She then opened up into a furious rant. "Whatever happened to free speech? Did you see how they grabbed that lady and just ripped off her shirt? They didn't have to shove her out of there!" All this while my wife (who's quite liberal herself) tried to explain (in vain) that security was right to remove them. (Personally, I'm ambiguous about that point.)

My daughter then went to her room, got out her art set, and began painting her own protest signs: "Go Code Pink! No More War!"
This is a recurrent theme over at the DUmp: their kids making protest or political signs with their art sets.