We're in full bouncy season now. Expect them to overflow out of the toilet that is DU in the coming months.

Yet another:

graywarrior (1000+ posts) Fri Sep-05-08 01:47 PM
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My haircutting party and the independent women attending who are PISSED about Palin
Advertisements [?]We have hair cutting parties where we all meet at someone's house and hire our favorite stylist, a sweet gay guy we all secretly want to sleep with, to cut, color, perm....whatever.

Well, the topic today was Palin and I have to say I have never seen such angry women in my life. All it took was mentioning her name and no one would shut up to listen to anyone else. These are independet voters....serious independents...no fucking around...they WILL vote for local republicans. But the McCain/Palin thing had them scathingly pissed...spitting angry pissed. Whoa. A few never even considered Obama until this circus with Palin and now they are researching reasearching researching everything they can about him claiming they now WILL vote for him hands down.

So...I had a great morning. Mud Bowl is tomorrow with a parade including the democrats of our town and canvassing all day Sunday. Life is sweet.
Porrly written. Author doesn't tell why the SERIOUS INDEPENDENTS are so angry about the Palin selection.