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  1. #1 Guys, I gotta say- I am truly depressed right now. 
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    I was depressed too...till I read this...:p

    BeHereNow (1000+ posts) Fri Jun-24-11 07:10 PM
    Original message Guys, I gotta say- I am truly depressed right now.

    While I love DU and have depended on you guys for nearly a decade now,
    as far as some voices of sanity in the wilderness- some of what I have been
    reading just makes me so sad. And hopeless.

    I no longer entertain the notion that we can salvage this country-
    I think it is clear to some that the global elite have won, often with
    the complacency of some our citizens, who simply are ignorant, not necessarily stupid,
    that continue to vote against our best interest.

    It is appalling to me that people like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann
    can even be considered as viable candidates for the Presidency of the United States of America.

    I mean, why not just elect Kim Kardashian and get it over with?

    The rich have neared completion of completely separating and isolating themselves
    from the rest of us. The middle class is a sick and dying bird, pushed out of its shabby
    nest by those who will not miss its song in the morning.
    As a matter of fact- they can't wait to cut down the tree where the nest was built
    for their personal gain.

    Sorry to be so dark, but I don't see any of it getting better in our

    And I am truly depressed.


    LOL!!! I can always count on DU to make me feel better since these losers are just looking for an excuse to be negative!!! :D:D
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    I agree. Your world is hopeless and you are doomed to suffer the hardships of being an American citizen at the hands of the ebul Corporate elite and money grubbers.

    Killing yourself now is your only solution.
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    BeHereNow (1000+ posts) Fri Jun-24-11 07:10 PM
    Original message Guys, I gotta say- I am truly depressed right now.
    Libturds are generally either mad or depressed. If only they realised that they are all...

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