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It's not just that they are clueless, they are lazy, arrogant and indifferent. Can you imagine Hillary Clinton being publicly embarrassed by her staff's shoddy work and not laying into them afterward? How much do you want to bet that the staffer who mistranslated the word "reset" on the button that she gave to the Russians never made that mistake again?

Obama keeps getting into these avoidable gaffes and doesn't seem to care enough to chew out his chief of staff, and if the chief isn't on it, then the staff isn't on it. They know that the media will protect him from their ineptitude (as they protect him from his own), but anyone who is willing to let his boss be embarrassed this way would have been fired long ago in any other administration.
I really don't think Obama knows how to run a staff, or what to demand of them. He's never been close to the military and those of us who have, know that it is a whole 'nother world.