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    LOS ANGELES - Al Gore wants to combat global warming by controlling the population – sterilizing women......."Gore...Save The planet,kill yourself !"

    Former Vice President Al Gore is venturing into a touchy topic, presenting his new solution to combat the buildup of greenhouse gases warming the planet.

    At first he was just advocating simply improving technology to reduce fossil fuel emissions, but nowhe is advocating “empowering girls and women, by sterilizing all women under 25.”

    Al Gore believes that the sterilization should be voluntary – at first – “women who are evolved will volunteer to be sterilized for the greater good for planet.” BUT, if women do not choose to sterilize themselves, Al Gore believes that the government should force women (under 25) to be sterilized.

    “We have to take drastic steps to save the planet. There are too many people – we must take aggressive action or we will all be dead,” Gore said in a speech Monday in New York.

    “When the population begins to stabilize and societies begin to make better choices – then women can have babies again.”
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    Dude. You're posting stories from the Weekly World News? Really? Seriously? Do you even read where you're getting stuff from? The Weekly World News? Have you any idea what kind of publication this is? Shall I give you a hint?

    Seriously. The Onion has more credibility in their news stories and they admit they're satire. This is a new one even for you.
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    This is a parody, guys. ;)
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    he been reading Mein Kampf ???
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