Cyrano (1000+ posts) Sat Jun-25-11 03:56 PM
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We are in a second Great American Depression
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No politician will dare utter the word “depression.” But you have to be brain dead to not understand that that’s where we are.

The unemployment rate, the lack of jobs, the used-up savings, the widespread misery, cat food for the elderly, no education for the young – I don’t know what any sane human being would call it anything other than a depression.

But the big difference between this one, and the one of the 1930s, is that we don’t have an FDR in sight. We’re on our own. Our Democratic president either doesn’t recognize where we are, (which I don’t believe), or thinks what he’s doing or not doing will help him get reelected.

And as bad as things are, the Republican Party is hell bent on pushing us deeper into the quicksand of misery.

So this is the way America falls. Cowardly politicians caving into bullies, or selling out for their own personal interests. A bought and paid for media, looking the other way while all the rest of us are being raped, pillaged and plundered. And millions of fools believing what they’re told by Fox “news,” and Rush.

Our country has been conquered by the unscrupulous, the insatiably greedy, and absolute morons. And we don’t even know the names of most of those who are controlling those who are screwing us.

So what are we going to do about it? I wish I knew. But I’d like to hear your opinions.

Hmmmmmm I wonder who's fault it is. I know it cant be obamas cause he is the saviour.:D