Because y'all are "in it," I'm curious what the pulse is on the whole Libya thing. Do the privates and sergeants and whatnot support it, don't like it, think it's a waste, don't care? I'm most curious about what actual active duty, boots-on-the-ground types think.

Is there any sort of relatively unified feeling on this?

Personally, from my civvy point of view, we have no business being there, especially given that we aparently haven't the slightest fucking clue who we're supporting in this, but there's some good likelihood that it has some measure of al Qaeda involvement. I think backing the Egyptian "revolution" was a dumbass idea, and I think that saying anything on this whole Libya thing is a dumbass idea, much less actually getting involved, tasking valuable military assets that could be off doing other things to shorten the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (no one stops dying until the war is over; just like in WWII, the fastest way home to safety is an end to hostilities).

I have my opinion, but I'm open to having it changed most by those who are the actual trigger-pullers involved, rather than some general in a five-sided building on the Potomac who make the Sunday talk show rounds.

What say ye?