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    Quote Originally Posted by Novaheart View Post
    I wasn't aware that our complaint was with the job security or working conditions of the front line employees; I thought it was with the policies of the TSA.
    Our complaint indeed is with their policies. Some of the employees are almost apologetic when they do the pat downs. Others are obnoxious and aggressive. I always get the old patdown because I had a knee replacement over 10 years ago because of an auto accident. I have put up with this for many years and still have to try to keep myself under control.

    On my last trip, the woman in the small airport in Ft Myers must have been on a power trip. She was totally obnoxious and made me wait even longer after she "tested the gloves" with some sort of powder. She was very invasive in her search, went way beyond what was necessary.

    The woman in St Louis airport was apologetic and didn't put me through the same ordeal.

    I don't want them to have that union backing. They'll really be obnoxious as they'll know that they have that old job security and do about anything they want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaintLouieWoman View Post

    I don't want them to have that union backing. They'll really be obnoxious as they'll know that they have that old job security and do about anything they want.
    Not to mention the threat of them striking and shutting down travel during the holidays every time they want more coffee breaks in their 8 hours shifts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jendf View Post
    According to the article, she did. That's the whole reason they made her daughter change her in the first place.

    Do they require all babies to go through the checkpoints with clean diapers?

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    I figure that's reason #13,987 not to have kids.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hampshirebrit View Post
    There are excellent liner services from NYC to Southampton that you could consider, or if you don't mind slumming it, there are many container ships that provide decent berths. Ir only adds seven days onto the whole trip-time, and you can rent some very nice vehicles in the UK once you're here, we're not that primitive.
    The amount of time we have for vacation makes that impracticable; after we retire we are only doing transatlantic or transpacific by ship. I won't see Asia at all until after retirement, because I just can't do 14-20 hour flights.
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