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It can be worse than FL for a short time. It has been hotter up in St. Louis than Sarasota.
I get a kick out of that. People in DC told me , "You're going to hate Florida." due to the heat and humidity. Of course most of them didn't know that I spent some summers right here as a child and loved it. It's often hotter, much hotter, in DC than it ever gets in St Pete. The humidity in DC can be unbearable, and they don't get the afternoon seabreeze. Yes, the sun goes down a little earlier there, and you get night time cooling for some of the summer... but my memories are of extremes. Either it was cold in June or dreadful in August. Now in fairness there is some nice beach weather in September when the water is still "warm (not by our standards)" and things cool off.

You know, a surprising number of people don't live their lives by whether it's good beach weather? I don't get it.