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    Can anyone here offer me some advice? I know this isn't a medical forum but still.....
    Family history: Grandpa (mom's dad) suffered stroke at age 53 and died of second stroke age 55, father suffered non-fatal stroke age 51, grandma suffers minor TIAs (still alive at 78), cousin suffered two near fatal heart attacks at 21 and 33. Great Grandpa died of cancer (mom's father's father) at 72 years, grandpa (mom's dad)'s brother died of stroke age 63, other brother died of lung cancer age 69; Great grandpa (dad's father's father) died at age 40 of stroke.

    Three of four grandparents are living. Both paternal grandparents suffer from Type II Diabetes. Grandma on dad's side has severe vascular issues, varicose veins and the like. Alive and generally OK otherwise at 82 and 78.

    Great Grandparents: Mom's dad's dad died at 72 of cancer. His mother died in her 60s of a stroke--she had hypertension.
    Mom's mom's dad died at age 76 of complications from hernia surgery but was otherwise healthy. Mom's mom's mom died in her 50s of some kidney ailment I believe. Dad's father's father died at age 40 of a heart attack shortly having a great fall wherein he broke his back. Dad's father's mother lived until age 80 or so. All my parent's siblings are healthy and alive in their 40s, 50s and 60s. My mother's half sister died of a heart attack age 62 however.

    Two of my uncles have diabetes. My grandpa (mom's dad) had high uric acid and gout, as do two of my uncles.

    I'm 20. I have varicose veins and suffer from a familiar, minor heart condition. I got some blood results and here were some:

    Blood Glucose (Fasting) = 112
    Normal = under 100
    Impaired fasting Glucose = 100-125
    Diabetes = 125 and above

    Uric Acid = 8.5. Last Blood test it was 8.7
    Normal = 4.0 to 8.0

    Cholesterol = 208
    Normal = 125-200

    VLDL Cholesterol = 52
    Normal = 8-35

    Trigylcerides = 261. Last blood test was 250.
    Normal = Under 150

    Vitamin B12 = 972
    Normal = 211-911

    I share these here because I like most of you and you all seem very experienced in terms of life and I'm sure at least one here is a diabetic or has had bad blood results at some point. I'm looking for any sort of medical, or dietary advice anyone could offer here.
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