I think we need a stciky with bouncy rules for visiting DUmmies. Let's face it, the quality of bouncies has been steadily declining while the numbers are on the rise. I suggest we have a stciky which explains the basics of grading bouncies so that the DUmmiess can score some decent bongage.

All of the following gain additional bong power:

a) "So, I was ....." - This one doesn't score too many autobongs - maybe one at best - but at least it's sets the stage.

b) Location, location, location - You need to be in line at Wal-Mart (which you NEVER go to but just HAD TO for whatever reason.) Or you need to be at the gas pump and see an offedning bumper sticker on a Hummer, SUV, big 'ole pickup, etc... Or you need to be in a bar, Applebee's, Starbucks or any other well-known national chain. Though if you can give an eloquent description of a local small business(like Obama would) that works too.

c) The (soon to be converted) "opponent" - this has to be a DU Rethuglican stereotype. e.g. NASCAR dad, "atomic" fundie, trust fund MBA, my grandmother who has been a devoted (and voted) Republican all of her life,.... you get the idea.

d) Conversion - This is really the key elelment of any good bouncy. Unless you've taken the "opponent" and converted them with DUmmie talking points then there's no way you're gonna score above 4 bongs. It just ain't gonna happen unles you're very good at creative writing.

e) "Dumbfounded" or "speechless" - Once again, the key here is to use DUmie talking points or, better yet, DUmmie "logic" to silence and convert the opponent.

f) It has to end up with someone voting for Obama and rushing to change their voter registration from Rep to Dem. Converting an independent or fence-sitter is kind of wimpy.

g) Extra credit - given for cops leaping out of bushes, bricks and a few other things related to some of the classic legacy bouncies.