Because there are too many shows about teachers and scientists and artists and hobos out there, one network is boldly doing a show about lawyers. Also today: a doctor becomes a ghost dad and Joe Rogan is back, ladies.

Better With You actress (so you know she's good) Jennifer Finnigan has just been cast on the USA pilot (so it's been confirmed she's good) Wild Card, which is about "two very different lawyers."

Ha. Shouldn't that just be the name of the show? Two Very Different Lawyers. And we'll change Franklin & Bash to Two Very Similar Lawyers and the world will make sense again. And then in the fall we can look forward to the premiere of Several Very Sexy Doctors and maybe Three Very Harried Career Women.

Haha. Two very different lawyers. It's like the "Two bad neighbors" thing from The Simpsons. So strange and almost foreign in its odd simplicity. Will they show ads for Very Bad Trip 2 during Two Very Different Lawyers? I hope so.