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It's amazing that the pianist would still live at the same place after all these years. I wonder if he still lives with his parents, as I presume it was their home all those years ago.

Have you gone to any high school reunions? I've been to one and would never return. Everyone was still trying to impress. There were still the same little groups, all huddled together, not willing to expand their horizons. It actually was very sad.
Yep. he lived there with his parents and older sister. I do not know if his parents are even still alive. If they are, its possible they still live there or moved away, while he stayed there.

Nope, never been to a high school reunion as I dropped out, and didnt go back to get my diploma until years later. That said, when I left high school, I never made any friends with my classmates. I forgot them as soon as I left the school building. I dont recall the names of any of them.