U.S. Reportedly Ignoring Veterans' Graves in Philippines

Walking along the rows of tombstones here offers a glimpse of the wars America has fought and the men and women who waged them. But most of the grave markers have been half-buried for 20 years, and there is little hope that the volcanic ash obscuring names, dates and epitaphs will be cleared any time soon.

Clark Veterans Cemetery was consigned to oblivion in 1991, when Mount Pinatubo's gigantic eruption forced the U.S. to abandon the sprawling air base surrounding it. Retired U.S. soldiers, Marines and sailors volunteer to keep watch, relying on donations to try to maintain the grounds, but they lament that they're helplessly short on funds to fix things, and that Washington is unwilling to help.

The dead at Clark are not limited to World War II casualties -- they date as far back as 1900. Also unlike the Manila cemetery, it continues to accept burials. One U.S. veteran who lives in the area had his son buried here after he was killed in Iraq in 2004. But Clark is not administered by the ABMC.


I dare say many more are totally ignored. or forgotten overe there. perhaps the far east is to far east. my opinion but I think all vet remains over there should be repatriated back to the US so they can be cared for and stop our Gov from pissin' on their graves. there's plenty of funds to maintain cemeteries in the EU. :mad: