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  1. #1 I Pledge Allegiance to the Pole (some thoughts on the Fourth of July) 
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    Yep, I knew Pitt would post an overly long piece of crap today...

    WilliamPitt (1000+ posts) Mon Jul-04-11 08:30 AM
    Original message I Pledge Allegiance to the Pole (some thoughts on the Fourth of July)

    I Pledge Allegiance to the Pole
    By William Rivers Pitt
    t r u t h o u t | Op-Ed

    Monday 04 July 2011

    There is a telephone pole outside my house - seven steps down the front porch, one step across the sidewalk, and there it is - that leans only slightly enough to the right to raise concern. It does it's job tolerably well, as least as well as its sagging brethren that hover along and above my tired old Brighton sidestreet. It offers no complains. It does its duty.

    Take a close look, however, and all of a sudden this simple, slightly splintered nondescript thing makes you think. There are at least three hundred nails sticking out of its old hide, and some of those nails look old enough to have held the Son and Savior Himself, in His well-documented agony, had this particular piece of pine been available on Golgotha.

    Once upon a time a utility worker planted that pole in that spot, another utility worker strung the wild carnival of electrical wires that are still festooned above my house, and now I get to enjoy electricity and cable television and all the nonsense that goes along with both.

    The nails in that pole will get you thinking if you look at them long enough. Hundreds of them, in spirals and straight lines and T-shapes, all over and up and down the thing. Buried deep, rusted to the quick, part of the essential wood now...and each one of them once carried a message. Lost Dog. Lost Cat. Ride Needed. Have You Seen This Girl. Concert Tonight. Strike Tomorrow.


    I can't believe I actually read the whole retarded thing...the things I do for CU. :D
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Lets see.

    We have...

    Bush - Check
    9/11 - Check
    Taxes - Check
    Poor - Check
    War - Check
    Rich - Check

    Looks like he covered all the standard talking points.
    Klaatu barada nikto
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    I thought for sure he was talking about a different pole when I read the title.
    "The efforts of the government alone will never be enough. In the end the people must choose and the people must help themselves" ~ JFK; from his famous inauguration speech (What Democrats sounded like before today's neo-Liberals hijacked that party)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Articulate_Ape View Post
    I thought for sure he was talking about a different pole when I read the title.
    obliviously (1000+ posts) Mon Jul-04-11 10:24 AM
    Response to Original message
    7. I have a fantastic Idea

    on where to put that pole!
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    He "remembers America."
    I doubt it. If O Blah Blah gets elected for a second term, we'll all be reading and writing similar but truthful eulogies of a dearly departed country.:(
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