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  1. #1 Happy Independence Day - Fuck you Rupert Murdoch 
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    It's a little early to be drinking this heavy... :D

    Taverner (1000+ posts) Mon Jul-04-11 12:29 PM
    Original message Happy Independence Day - Fuck you Rupert Murdoch

    Fuck you Sarah Palin

    Fuck you Rush Limbaugh

    Fuck you Michelle Bachmann

    Fuck you all, you treasonous scum - you are not fit to breathe the same air as the rest of us

    You are a bunch of psychopathic shit

    You can't make this stuff up!!!! :D
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Taverner is really trying for Dummie of the year this year.
    In most sports, cold-cocking an opposing player repeatedly in the face with a series of gigantic Slovakian uppercuts would get you a multi-game suspension without pay.

    In hockey, it means you have to sit in the penalty box for five minutes.
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