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  1. #1 Arizona man sentenced for shooting his car 
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    A man who sparked a police standoff when he shot his Camaro after it wouldn't start received a 90-day jail sentence Tuesday.


    Kingman Police Sgt. Bob Fisk said 42-year-old Lauriano Lawrence Lovato became angry with his older model Camaro. Fisk said Lovato fired two rounds through the windshield and into the dashboard because the car wouldn't start as it was parked in his driveway in the 2100 block of Los Angeles Street around 9 a.m.

    Lovato told officers he then went to sleep and was unaware that his neighbors had called the shots in and that police had responded.

    Fisk said the officers cordoned off several streets around the house while they assessed what they were dealing with. They used a loud speaker and eventually the Bullhead City SWAT team responded and threw a communication device into the home, but no contact was ever made with the man inside.

    The SWAT team made entry into the home through the front door around 4 p.m. and found Lovato sitting in a back room. He was not armed but showed officers the pistol he used to shoot the car. He reportedly told police he had been drinking the night before he shot his car.

    Read more here and here
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    Well, what else could he do? It's not like cars respond to mere threats.
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    That was a few blocks from my house. Didn't hear the shots, but the cops had several blocks around it blocked off while they figured out what was going on. 90 days aint that big a deal, just the system giving him a return pain in the butt, IMHO.
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    I know cars need to be kept in line sometimes, but shooting them? isn't that a little over board? man...good thing we got the Arizona police and courts to keep people in line
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    Shoulda just told them there was a rattlesnake in the car.:)
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    Sounds like a mercy killing to me.
    After all, it was a Camaro.
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