Ron Paul voted against the Iraq war resolution. You can't parse that one. Saddam would still be in power. Ron Paul is not even worthy to shine the boots of our brave soldiers. When they needed him, he turned his back on them.

The man voted to cut and run from Iraq (hell, he has opposed every military action in the WOT) and stabbed our troops in the back.

He was the ONLY Republican from Texas to do so.

Keep in mind that Ron Paul could have voted "present" or not at all.

He didn't. He voted with Murtha.

Spin all you want but only the people here who want to see our troops fail are going to support this traitor.

This is getting hilarious. He continues to post the same ultra-format paragraphs instead of responding to challenges. That's a leftist tactic. And the fact that most of the blogs linked to on the site he references ( are no better than DailyKos and Democratic Underground, it makes me highly suspicious of who he is and just what his agenda is.