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  1. #1 Hey, check this one out...the avg age of a polling place worker... 
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    This cracks me up. I am a certified election commissioner. My Mother is as well and so is my daughter! She went through the training at 17 and has brought several of her friends into the program. At training, the great majority of the people ARE in their 70s.

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    Hey, check this one out...the avg age of a polling place worker...


    Snapshot: The Typical Poll Worker
    Age: 72
    Qualifications: registered voter
    Shift: 14 hours
    Pay: $7/hour
    Job description: Computer-savvy people-person with stamina for long hours and stressful work environment.
    Training: Two hours
    Absenteeism: 33 percent
    Workforce: 2 million at more than 180,000 polling places

    -snip- can we ensure that the election isn't stolen if the polling workers are clueless?
    We make 200$ a day or about 14.50 an hour. It is a long day but rewarding.
    The DUers complain about the poll workers but NOT ONE of them suggests working the polls!
    This is bigger than presidential politics. This is a battle for America.
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    I'll bet that if votes were hand counted they'd be lining up in droves for THAT job.;)
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