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  1. #1 DUmmie tries to hijack sports thread to no avail 
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    Sat Sep-06-08 01:58 PM
    Original message

    My brother is visiting from Washington State and he logged on to the computer to check

    his home newspaper. He suddenly laughed while reading the sports page (comments section) and asked if I had been writing comments. I logged on to see what he was laughing at and suddenly felt as if I was reading DU. :rofl: No I didn't write this but it worked for me.

    Distraction for the masses

    Who gives a rat's patooty. Is this going to be the subject for the weekend?
    Sports? I guess indicative of a distracted country with totally confused priorities trying to escape the dog shit pile our leaders have left us in and bliss out on meaningless ...yadda yadda- you get the point. God Bless America and deliver it from our deluded, myopic and foolish selves. Why not how to slaughter a moose and turn it into something a lying shit head from Alaska would stuff in her nasty assed pie hole before watching aggressive skaters in padding and need of anger management classes beat the crap out of each other with sticks?
    Distractions for the masses | 09.05.08 - 7:19 am | #

    Click on comments and scroll to find this one.

    All the posters at the sports thread the DUmmy linked are ignoring the DUmmy political post. But that doesn't stop the reply DUmmy from celebrating:

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    1. LOL! I love Washington State.

    I am a Native. I was on the streets yesterday in Seattle at the Pike Place Market. Much of the rhetoric was akin to you post. People were absolutely astounded at the FLACK CATCHER, Flyswatter, Moose Killer, Caribou Barbie, and those are just a few of the more polite things I heard about failin Palin.

    No one I met in the Heart of Seattle, and more people go there each year than go to Disneyland, had a nice thing to say about her... except that her youngest daughter is absolutely darling. (I concur)

    We had two Cruise ships in and and evening Mariner/Yankee game in town so the city was bustling! I love the New Yorkers!

    The songwriters/buskers have already composed antiPALIN/McSame songs. I had at least 10 people actually tap on or point to my OBAMA button and give me a thumbs up!

    Lots of passerby conversations were political. I met a couple from Israel with a new baby in a Coffee shop. They were talking about OBAMA.

    WOOOOO HOOOO the whole world is watching!

    edit to K and R

    The DUmmy tries to make it sound like she talked to every person in the "Heart of Seattle" - and that's more than visit Disneyland each year - so Obama is bound to win.

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    I live in Seattle. She may as well have been at the Dem Convention. I still see a fair amount of Kerry/Edwards stickers when I"m out and about. The typical Subaru here has more lefty stickers than paint showing.

    If the DUmmie had run into me I would've told it that I was voting for the ticket where Palin, the VP candidate, has oodles more exeperience than the Dems presidential candidate.

    Yeah, there's a few of us around. I used to have people(fellow conservatives in enemy territory) stop me in parking lots and tell me how brave I was to have a W sticker and ask me if the car had ever been vanalized. Not ONE Dem ever bouncied me in the 3 years it was on the car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FDK View Post
    Not ONE Dem ever bouncied me in the 3 years it was on the car.
    Of course. That's because bouncys are what they are. They're bullshit. Those DUmmies aren't out there converting repukes to their side. Never happened.
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    Because those on DU have a one track mind and can't follow multiple subjects they project that to everybody. Personally I can keep up with my religion, work, politics, music, sports and any of my other interests without sacrificing any enjoyment. Apparently if you aren't living, breathing and dreaming politics you're a complete waste of a human being.
    Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.
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