SR and I both volunteer in the dolphin area at Mote Marine Aquarium and Lab here in Sarasota. So many times visitors come up and ask where the dolphin with no tail is exhibited. Someone told me that the dolphin is in the Clearwater Aquarium. A friend of mine on one of my greyhound groups, of all things, just sent me the link.

It's fun to watch Winter, the story of a rescued little dolphin who at 2 months lost her tail, caught in a crab trap. I followed the various videos shown in this link and loved it.

Yeah, I know dolphins aren't pets, but they're still wonderful. I love Harley and Moonshine at our aquarium. Both of them had been stranded. Harley was only a baby at the time and didn't know how to take care of herself. Moonshine was badly sunburned and turned out to have a liver disease, requiring meds.

Have fun watching this. :)