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    Scientists have been trying to find the elixir of memory that helps to forget everything bad. Perhaps you are looking for ways to resurrect the forgotten events after a severe head injury? Study the effect of false memories, which sometimes show during questioning witnesses to a crime. But the brain staunchly protects its secrets so Scientists have carried out experiments to address the frightening memories to see if memory can be rewritten.

    And once again, scientists have attempted to penetrate the secrets of memory. This time they decided to test to see if they can edit the brain?

    So during one experiment to cure the girl from the fear of dogs, she was shown pictures of different dogs from the mind of evil and totally harmless. Thus, researchers removed from the archive of remembrance, encouraging the girl to experience again the emotions that she felt at that moment, when frightened by the animal.

    After that it was taught to respond to the memory of another. For example, asked for her that the dog had saved her when she was drowning or chased vandals who climbed into her house. That is instilled her portrayal of another dog, dog-mate. At the final stage of the treatment research specialists the edited memories in the brain were fixed with the help of hypnosis.

    The same researchers conducted experiments with members of military action, the victims of car accidents and rapes and as a result the volunteers experienced less fear of shocking memories.

    If we could master this we might not need the reeducation camps when we retake the government in 2012!:)
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    There are lots of licensed therapists who already know how to manipulate people's memories.
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