The next time you see some bucket of blubber riding around the mall or the grocery store on one of those little electric scooters, take a look at their shoes. Do they look reasonably well-worn? Well there you are. Here is someone who is perfectly capable of walking when they want or need to.
You do know that most of these people get their electric wheelchairs for free, don’t you? Yup, they’re paid for by Medicare.

Actually, no they aren't and if you will actually listen to the ad, you will notice that they do not promise that Medicare will pay. I'll grant you that it's still irritating for a company to actively seek people this way, but they specifically say, "...If we pre-approve you and Medicare won't pay. " then it's free. Well guess what? Medicare doesn't pay for most of the scooters you see out there, because Medicare doesn't pay for those kind of scooters, it pays for power-chairs (a term it used interchangeably with "scooter" even by Medicare). And it only pays for them if you have a medical condition which requires one to get around INSIDE your house, and if your house is suitable. I learned this first hand when I went shopping for a scooter for my mother, who is indeed physically limited but doesn't need one to get around the house and couldn't use one in her house for much anyway. The day she can't walk from room to room, I'll end up getting her a transport chair so she can sit and pull herself along with her feet, or I'll push her around as I have done when she was incapacitated. The electric chair simply won't work in her house or her bathrooms.

But if you see someone, regardless of his weight, on a scooter, he bought it or someone gave it to him.

I paid $989 for my mom's three wheel scooter that she uses at fairs and other outdoor events, and yes, my sister also uses it, we paid for it and it's none of Boortz' business.

I don't doubt that there is some fraud, there is fraud anytime fraud can be committed. People commit fraud against banks- are they less careful than Medicare?

Medicare’s Wheelchair and Scooter Benefit
If your doctor submits a written order stating that you have a medical need for a
wheelchair or scooter for use in your home, Medicare will help cover any of the
types listed below. Generally, Medicare will pay 80% of the Medicare-approved
amount, after you have met the Part B deductible. You pay 20% of the Medicare-
approved amount.
Wheelchairs (both manual and power) and scooters are also known as “mobility
assistive equipment.”
Medicare will help cover your wheelchair and scooter, if you meet allof the
following conditions:
• You have a health condition that causes difficulty moving around in your home.
• You’re unable to do activities of daily living (like bathing, dressing, getting in or
out of a bed or chair, or using the bathroom) even with the help of a cane, crutch,
or walker.
• You’re able to safely operate, and get on and off the wheelchair or scooter, or have
someone with you who is always available to help you safely use the device.
Also, the equipment must be usable within your home (for example, it’s not too big
for your home or blocked by things in its path).