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That's cool Wei, now be honest. You're going to pull the lever for Obama again and you know it. When the polls close next year I'll ask you again...
I made up my mind over a year ago about this. I've been vocal with people in person and on the internet about my criticisms of this president.

Around new years 2009-2010, I ripped off my Obama bumper sticker.

I don't cast my vote just to express how much I hate the "other guy". That is stupid. I'm not going to play this "least of two evils" game either.

I am left-leaning, yes, but I do not believe President Obama nor the Democratic party represent my ideals, my principles, or share my ideology. They by and large do not support my solutions. They have sold out to big money interest groups just like the Republicans. So I will not vote for them. It's pretty simple.