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  1. #1 The DUmp admires Sarah Palin's physical beauty 
    The site has been up for a while, since well before McCain's brilliant choice, since back when the handful of us who'd heard the name dreamed of her selection but never dared to hope that McCain had the solid brass balls to choose her. We stand corrected. I'm surprised the man doesn't clank when he walks, but you can be sure that the next Commaander-in-Chief has a big, hefty set hangin'.

    Ahem. One of the least of Sarah Palin's positive qualities from an executive standpoint yet an important one from the standpoint of politics, is her physical appearance. To put it bluntly, she is a stunning woman, with barely a physical flaw. Perhaps that's hyperbolic, but surely anybody would admit that she's attractive, yes? Surely any red-blooded heterosexual male would be delighted to be approached by Sarah Palin, if she and he were both single.

    Well, not everybody feels that way. Some people are so blinded by partisan hatred that they see ugliness where there is beauty. Read all about it here: I'll just say it: Sarah Palin is NOT HOT! God!

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    I've heard it ad nauseum in recent days from so many men around where I live about how she's hot, she's a MILF, blah blah blah.... Whatever! She's a square-headed, cross-eyed, screechy-voiced, PSYCHOPATH. If that is "hot" in America, then I'd say most of us ladies are doomed.

    And I don't say this as a biased Democrat. There are plenty of good-looking Republican women.... I think... But even if there were, if Palin is the best that the Republican party has to offer, then Republican men are screwed.
    The responses are truly vile, such as the one about raping Sarah Palin with George W. Bush's severed penis; which I am very surprised to see s still up there. (Screenshot fetishists go nuts)

    Here's my response to all of them: buddy, Sarah over Hillary any day of the week. Ugh. That wrinkly, pancaked face, that brittle straw-colored hair, that mole, phew. Double-bagger for sure: one bag to hide her face, another one in case the first one breaks.

    Sarah over Pelosi, fucksteaks. I thought Heath Ledger made a far better Joker, although I will admit that Red Nancy goes give him a run for his money in the makeup department. Theresa Heinz Kerry? You've gotta really want to be president to stick it in that... thing. Chelsea Clinton or Barbara Bush? Bill Clinton or Ted Palin? Michelle Obama or Jeri Thompson? Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter (both of whom I tend to disagree with fairly often), who compares? To my friends on the Left I say: we may disagree in good faith over any number of issues, but c'mon. Objectively, the GOP has the Asses kicked when it comes to hot women.
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    Govenor Palin is better looking and MUCH more pleasant to look at and listen to
    then Michelle (I'm black and a victim - and don't you dare forget it) Obama.
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