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    Response to Original message
    25. Even with the subsidy,

    which will be given directly to the health Insurance Corporations,
    most people won't be able to use the Junk Insurance they are forced to BUY because of High deductible/High Co-Pays.

    This is a Ticking Time Bomb that explodes in 2014.
    Democrats will be unelectable for a generation.

    All the Republicans have to do is sit back and say,
    "Yep. We voted against it."
    Don't you hate it when someone "gets it" and ruins it for the rest . . :D
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    Quote Originally Posted by the director View Post
    Technically you are going to pay for it whether you like it or not. The "fine" plus taxes in general will support the socialized health care - it is forced compliance.

    So the real way to stick it to them is to find a loophole to get out of it completely. While one can't avoid paying taxes period, one can at least directly avoid paying for the monstrosity.
    I have owned my own business since 2003, except for a brief period from 2006-2007. I have yet to pay any federal taxes. I have lived well, played hard, have a lot of toys but on paper I have lost money every year. If I did not pay taxes under President Bush who I liked and respected, I sure as hell won't be chipping in for this guy. I would probably make an effort and take a giant shit on his head if his hair was on fire but not much more than that.
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