DontTreadOnMe (1000+ posts) Fri Jul-22-11 07:25 AM
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DU has been infiltrated wit Freepers -- Time to fight back!
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I have noticed over the recent months a LARGE amount of unrecs on just about ANY story. It has become quite obvious that there are people coming to DU, who have the sole purpose of unrec'ing posts.

I have also noticed job postings on Craig's List, where the position is to "post opinions" on various websites.

Folks... we are being manipulated more than ever. In light of the Murdoch Invasion of Privacy, it is time we fight back.

My suggestion is an organized effort of 50,000 DU members, who all post at the same time on a named website -- once a week. We can go down the entire list of the top 100 media blogs.

It is time to make our presence known, and we need to make it loud.

Well come on over.....please! But I know der skinner would not allow it.

Piscatarian (5 posts) Fri Jul-22-11 08:22 AM
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22. Yes, There seems to be many fake dems here these days
trumad (1000+ posts) Fri Jul-22-11 08:25 AM
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23. Wow---a member since 2003 and only 5 posts...
That's pretty amazing.
Maybe.........just maybe some people DO have a life and a job.