News organizations are trying new approaches to how-hot-is-it? stories. One of the more popular experiments is baking cookies on a car dashboard.

Itís simple, really. We bought a package of Pillsbury premade cookie dough, preformed into balls and placed the dough on two cookie sheets. We then placed the dough-laden cookie sheets on the dash of a car in the employee parking lot at The State Journal-Register.

As I write this, the cookies are still baking in a car with an inside temperature of 175 degrees. In Cleveland, Fox 8 and a local hospital teamed up to successfully make Símores in a car. ďGood knowledge, we suppose, if you have no fire, no oven, a car, and 30 minutes of free time, and you want to eat Símores in your parking lot,Ē writes Vince Grzegorek.
Hot, hot, hot