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  1. #1 Chicago broker missing since '79 found working in Las Vegas 
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    A former Chicago commodities broker, missing for more than three decades and declared legally dead, has been discovered working as a bookie inLas Vegas, officials say.

    Arthur Gerald Jones, 72, was arrested July 19, according to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. The Nevada state attorney general's office has charged Jones with fraud, burglary, obtaining and using personal identifying information of another person, possession of personal identifying information to establish false status or identity, according to a criminal complaint.

    Jones has been living under the name of Joseph Richard Sandelli and other aliases since the time of his disappearance in 1979, and has been working in a local sports book for the past 10 years, according to Nevada officials. ...
    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bijou View Post
    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
    Until you get caught. :D

    Walking away from it all and living a brand new life sounds intriguing but this guy left a wife and three kids. That's cold.
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    It sounds like his troubles did not stop after he left Illinois.

    Maybe he felt it was better if he just left town and his family would be safer?

    The jerk will probally end up with a "book deal."
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    I love this comment:

    nccatbert at 4:33 PM July 22, 2011

    Let me get this straight - he fled to Vegas to get away from the mob? That's like moving to IL for honest government.

    Made me LOL
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