BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. -- A man from Erie, Colo. died after getting bitten by a black widow spider. Health experts say it's a rare for someone to die from black widow bites.

Jeff Seale, 40, noticed 19 bites on his foot two weeks before he died. His sister says he worked at a horse stable, and she wonders if that's where her brother might've encountered the spider.

Seale was an accomplished baseball player when he was younger.

The Fairview High School baseball team in Boulder is practicing this week for a tournament they are hosting, and even though many of them had never met Jeff Seale, they knew of his legacy.

“When you assess that type of tradition, you definitely look up to him," says Brian Sture, a graduating senior.

In the late 1980s, Seale was one of the best pitchers, not only for Fairview, but in Boulder County. He was drafted by the Mets, and he also played for the University of Texas.,5774918.story