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    18 March 2009...A summary of several articles: The Labor Party's secretary, Martin Kolberg, promised last week that the party will lead against all anti-democracy and anti-equality forces.

    "Radical doesn't belong in Norway in any way, and we will fight it," Kolberg said. "The Labor Party wants to take care of the interests of the great majority, at the same time that we must be crystal clear that Norwegian law applies and that all extremist groups have no place in Norwegian society."

    He recognizes that people worry not just about Islam, but also about immigration in general. "It's a big challenge to manage all immigrants in Norway, it's also a big challenge to deport those who don't get residence in Norway," says Kolberg.

    The parliament passed a law last week banning marriage immigration, making Norway the country with the strictest laws in this field.

    "It's absolutely necessary since we see that it's being abused," says Kolberg.
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    Good for them.
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