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I have an eclectic mix of furniture from antiques to Ikea, it has grown gradually over the years. The trick to buying the bargain brands is to get plain and simple pieces and add a more individual (or expensive) accessory, and stay away from anything too 'fashionable' so you're not tempted to buy again when you tire of it.
My big secret since I've moved to Sarasota is to get rid of all the stuff, both collectible and just regular old stuff, that I'm sick of. There's a place called the Women's Exchange that won't take garage sale stuff, but will definitely take practical things. I've been getting a range of $20 a month to a high of $435 from the things sold there.

There are a lot of boutiques here, very high priced, as well as junkier stores. I have seen nothing particularly interesting, other than the Women's Exchange. Some wealthy people here dump their stuff when they tire of it.

My best pieces were purchased in St Louis at a relatively upscale shop. I learned to haggle prices with the owner. The unusual pieces are the difference between a ho hum, boring house and an interesting house. My theory is anyone can spend a boatload of money and make a pretty house but it's a challenge to do it without wasting so much money.

You're right about getting too trendy and going for the fashion of the instant.