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    Anyone ever use freecycle to get things or get rid of things my sister in law says they have been so blessed by some of the things as well has been a blessing to others.
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    I have used it to get rid of quite a few things. I've been trying to declutter a bit more this year and I like to try and ensure that my stuff goes to a good home if there is some life left in it.
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    I've never used freecycle, but have definitely been doing my own version. When we moved from St Louis to Sarasota, Fl, I gave away literally almost a ton of stuff to the Veterans, Goodwill and a place called the Scholarshop, which sells the stuff and gives scholarshops to deserving students.

    There'a a local place here in Sarasota called the Women's Exchange. I've sold a lot of stuff since we've been here. We had such a deal when we moved, as the mover just charged by the truckfull, so I wasn't concerned about running up the moving bill.

    I'm so glad that I brought a bunch down that didn't fit into this house. I've made some pretty good money selling my old stuff and 35% went to scholarships at the Women's Exchange. I also bought some cool stuff for the house at a reasonable price, things that I couldn't find in the local stores.

    I'm definitely into eclectic styles. We have a mixture of antiques from my family and mid century modern styles in the family room. I'm not into matchy matchy furniture.

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    I get the email daily. I've gotten a mattress from there which was nice. My MIL uses it far more than we do and gets a lot of stuff from it. which we sometimes end up with.... :/
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    my mom uses that
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