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    As some know, I needed a boost midday, posting almost out of desperation for good luck to be sent my way. Well, this is a big thanks DUers, because I got back out there after a fairly discouraging day of talking to all kinds of voters, registered Dems, Repugs, Independent Americans (don't ask), Non-partisans and Libertarians (uggh...).

    And here's my story.

    I was walking a list of targeted voters - a list that the field organizer had created. I was getting frustrated because the houses on the list were so far apart and sporadically spaced, and it was hot. Wanting to clean up the list and get the stragglers, I walked quite a distance for one house. As I approached, two men were sitting on their porch. One was on his cell, the other was very old. I waved and walked a bit further to allow the man on his cell to finish his call. When I walked back by, they both waved and I approached.

    The targeted voter was 22 years old, a registered Repug, neither fitting this description. I asked if 'James' was around, and they both answered, "He's in jail." I explained that I was walking for the General Election and that I would mark him down to recontact at a later date. "James is my son. Whose campaign are you with?" The younger of the two asked. "Obama," I answered. He smiled slyly and put his beer down. I braced myself for a negative response -- again, it had been a long day with many McCain supporters or undecideds -- what Democrat in their right mind can be undecided at a time like this?!.

    "Good on you!" he exclaimed. I breathed a sigh of relief, and the elderly man, rail thin and toothless, interrupted loudly, "It doesn't matter who wins anyway..."

    "Oh, boy," I thought, "here we go again."

    "Jesus is coming and he's gonna make the final decision, and he's coming soon," he said, shaking his fist at me. I politely smiled and responded, "Well, until he does, I will try my hardest to make a difference."
    I turned toward the other man and he winked at me. The old man got up, shook my hand, said "Good day" and went inside. "Thanks for being so polite to my dad," the man said. "No problem," I said. I had thoughts of ending the conversation right there, but something made me stay. "If your son gets out of jail, he should check and see if he can still vote." "You know," said the man, "I'd like to know how I can do that." I thought he was referring to his son, so I started to explain. "No," he said, "I've never registered to vote and I'd like to do that." "Well," I said, "I have voter registration forms right here. Wanna do that now?"

    He did. And he asked a lot of questions, like, where he needs to go vote, how the voting is done, etc., questions that so many of us take for granted as seasoned voters. I spent the next half hour telling him how to vote. It felt good, and he was appreciative of me taking the time to tell him how while not passing judgment on him for not ever having done this. We shook hands and he thanked me for the work I was doing. He told me how badly his business was doing, and how poor and ill his father was -- how he had to move in with him to take care of him, and how senility had set in. I said, "Just don't forget to vote," as I walked away. He yelled back "You have my word I'll vote! Let's get these assholes outta' there!"

    That was worth all the door knocks -- all the assholes; all the whiners; all the greedy, ill-informed voters; all the pissy people who couldn't be bothered -- that I completed today.

    A man in his 50's who had never voted in his life who just needed someone to help him do it.

    I'll give it four bongs: one bong for the "Repug" in jail. One bong for helping a man in his 50's register to vote for the first time - that's almost as good as a conversion. One bong for the senile old man who's too wacky to convert. And one bong for the length and flowery writing style.
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    hell with that. 1 1/2 bongs hits. No harsh name for Libertarians. They want even less gov't than we do.
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    Half a bong.And that's being generous.
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    I dont know. I just feel like giving it "two drunk guys on a porch" No bong hits. We still dont know who they are going to vote for. They kinda gave me headache.
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    Didn't b/w "So", and therefore does not meet the entry criteria.

    A nil bonger.
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    But it did have the crazy old fundie ranting about Jesus. It has to get some points for that.
    Loyalty Binds Me- Motto of Richard III
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