Hi, I'm a retired motorcycle mechanic (BMW & HonKawYamSuz) enjoying the beautiful weather in Gainesville, Georgia. That's where the "CycleRob" screen name comes from. Bike now is a belt drive 2009 F800ST Beemer. I left CT, PA and NJ where in 3 careers of my 58 years I amassed enough income to retire early, mortgage free, along with my wonderfully pleasant/slender/blonde wife of almost 24 years. We enjoy a simple life with somewhat healthy eating (+ pizza & all beef hotdogs) in our new home with our dog, a Boston Terrier. Our toasty winter heat comes from a pot belly coal stove that eats mostly Oaktree firewood that I harvest alone without paying any Carbon Credits (for now). We're both avid Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin listeners, along with an occasional Neal Boortz morning show. What a wonderful (and lately, SCARY) education they provide! If you are not familiar with them, an excellent place to start would be to stream or D/L the ~28MB 1hr 40min MP3 file of one of Mark Levin's shows (with minimal commercial breaks). You can find them Here. I recommend the 7-25-11 show. Parts of every show are profound revelations of what is actually happening to America. You will be stunned. You will be motivated. You will remember. You will be smarter. Since I'm new here, Mark Levin may already be the God-Father of proactive conservatism CU fully endorses in some other post. If that's not the case, he should be . . . . and I'll start that post.

On another topic, my wife and I attended Glenn Beck's 8-28 Rally last August, along with about 300,000 other like thinking patriotic individuals. It was polite, respectful and as well behaved as a Church service. Totally unlike the Jon Stewart liberal festival held sometime afterward, there was zero litter or graffiti left behind after it was all over. The frequent applause from Beck's 300,000 person crowd was the most thrilling, magnificent sound I have heard since watching the chariot race of "Ben Hur" on home theater equipment. It is indescribable when your ears tell you, after the lengthy applause stopped in our area first, just how far away that unified crowd spaned. We just looked at each other in recognition of the enormity and glorious depth of what we were hearing. In retrospect, it was the $160 trip we will never forget. If you want proof God was at that rally, Watch this 36 second YouTube video:
Here at CU I see we have 17,810 members now, but if the rest of the USA knew that we are here, that number would be an order of magnitude higher. Most of the country is mindlessly twitting away on FaceBook and Twitter. What a waste of time that is (by twits) in comparison to CU, as our country is being dismantled! Here at CU, I hope to be part of the Conservative Delta Force that you don't see much, but know is also working in the background making things right.