Investigators: Vets, Vaccines and Vagaries--FOX 9 News 7/27/11

All pet owners know it’s important to protect our four-legged friends from rabies, but how much is the veterinarian telling about that shot? The FOX 9 Investigators went undercover to find out if some clinics are taking financial advantage of pet owners by being vague about vaccines.

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When Blue was alive, I noticed a correlation between the onset of his seizures and his getting all his shots at one time. With the help of my vet in St Louis, Blue would go in several times to get the shots, to lessen the impact of all of them at once.

The vet in Sarasota was honest. He declined giving Blue any shots other than the rabies shot, which is required. He said an almost 12 year old dog had enough vaccines in his system.

Darlene is 8 now and Xena is 11. I'm going to see what the vet says this year when they go in for their physicals.

What do your vets say?